Thursday, May 22, 2008

French Winegrowers coming to visit WA.

Just got an email from our good friend and importer Franck Agostini that he may be bringing some of our winegrower friends from France on a visit this Fall.  I'm sure that the Salamanzar and myself will make a big deal about this.  Most likely an event to introduce them to our customers and the store.  Many wines will be tasted, French food consumed (likely), and many of our customers will now get to associate a friendly face and rugged hands to go with the delicious wine they have been purchasing since we opened.  Here's who's coming (tentatively):

Jerome Choblet - Domaine des Herbauge (Muscadet, Loire)
Frederic Leydet - Chateau Leydet Valentin/Chateau Valois (St. Emilion/Pomerol)
Stephane or Laurent Gouron - Domaine Gouron (Chinon, Loire)
Philippe Durand - Chateau Rocher Cap de Merle (Bordeaux)
Christine Dupuy - Domaine Labranche-Laffont (Madiran/Pacherenc du Vic Bilh)!!!

Of course busy Franck and his pointy-toed shoes will be with them as well.  He was a huge hit at our "Every Bordeaux Open" event this past winter, I'm sure his fans will be back in attendance.  - Grand Poobah Wine Swami