Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two Special Holiday Treats

A sneak peak for you -  We are currently working on two special projects just for the holidays this year.  1. With Giacomo of Giacomo's Salumi, we are currently working on another limited edition, hand numbered salami for November.  We did this last year and sold out in about 36 hours so we plan to double production.  Each salami will be made with a unique recipe and a wine we sell in the store.  You will be able to buy the wine and the salami at a special price as a set. 2. With Durham cheese maker Alessandra Trompeo, we will have a special square Italian style cheese with Grove Winery's Nebbiolo and Sangiovese grape skins.  This cheese is in Italy is called  Formaggio Ubriaco or drunken cheese.  It doesn't have alcohol, but the name comes from aging it in the skins from wine grape pressings.  Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to their releases.  -Salamanzar

Foxy Red - Buy in Now!

This week we got the news that "Durham's House Red" aka Kit Fox winery's, Foxy Red, is probably going up in price starting in October.  So we took extreme measures and bought all the remaining inventory at the old price, 28 cases.  If you are a Foxy Red fan, now's your chance to buy in at the old price.   These last cases qualify for the "Just-In-Case" 20% discount on solid 12 bottle boxes. - Salamanzar