Sunday, August 2, 2009

BLT Awesomeness

Wine Authorities sells a selection of artisanal bacons, which we store in a chest freezer called "Pork Knox" (thanks to Randy for the name). One such bacon is the North Country Smokehouse's Peppered Bacon. Hmm, such a bacon must be an ideal B.L.T. candidate, no?

We had all the makings this weekend at home - fresh tomatoes from the garden, fresh arugula from the garden (a twist on the lettuce), sourdough whole wheat bread and the bacon was thawed.

One culinary tip to share. If you want nice flat strips of bacon, bake it in the oven between two sheet pans to keep the bacon flat and even. I baked this batch at 375º F for 17 minutes. I like it a little meatier, so go a full 20 minutes if you like it crisp. A picture is worth at least 1,000 BLT dreams.


LMGotts said...

H-Cow that looks gooo-ooo-oood! I've had decent luck getting relatively* flat bacon by starting it off cold in a cold pan, letting them warm up together.

*not, I imagine, as flat as using two pans, but much easier!

Tooth said...

Can you recommend a wine to go with such a righteous BLT?

Grand Poobah Wine Swami and staff said...

Why dry rosé of course! Always a great match for sweet tomato, smokey salty porkiness and bitter arugula.

Jeni said...

Sounds yummy! Try placing the bacon on a cold cookie sheet into the hot oven. It works great!

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