Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Locopops also Helps Your Wine Palate

Finally had some free time to get my first Locopops of the season (2600 Hillsborough Rd, Durham).  I had the tangerine/basil which was excellent, but also was intrigued by the plum/black currant pop.  These are two flavors commonly described in Argentine Malbecs and also found in some Cabernet Sauvignon based wines.  While it wasn't my favorite tasting Locopop of all time, it was excellent for identifying these two wine descriptor flavors.  

This pop was very dark in color appearing purple and black and tasted of very bright plum and currant flavors. Since they don't use sugar in their pops, this one actually had some tannin from the fruit's skins and wasn't particularly sweet tasting, but very fruity tasting.  We often talk about the fruit of a wine, but we do not mean it tastes sweet.  Fruit vs. sugar are two different things.  I'd like every wine drinker in the Triangle to please go buy a small plum/black currant Locopop and taste it so they can learn about these flavors and the difference between fruit and sweetness, please.  Maybe we should ask them to do a series of "wine flavor" pops and sell them at Wine Authorities as an "educational" tool? - Salamanzar


scarlet said...

Wine pops = great idea. Be sure to let us know when you begin stocking them.

Larry G said...

We went to the Chapel Hill shop a week or so back...not as much personality as the Durham shop, but nice to see them expanding (hint, hint), and the 'pops were as good as ever.

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