Saturday, June 7, 2008


As of Saturday, Salamanzar and the Grand Poobah Wine Swami have been ordained official clergy in the Church of Rosé wine.  As clergy of Rosé (i.e. dry pink wine vs. blush- the sweet awful pink stuff), it is our mission to convert the non-believers to Roséism.  Non-believers are defined as those who look at a pink colored wine and run away screaming because they assume it is sweet. Our belief is held on three principles as stated in the temple scriptures.  1. Everything pink in life is good; 2. Rosé is not to be taken seriously, but seriously drunk.  3.  When we meet someone who thinks pink wines are sweet, it is our obligation to teach them about dry-rosé. 

Our daily service ends with this prayer:  We'd like to teach the world to drink, dry rosé pink wine.  We'd like to buy the world a glass and keep folks happy all the time.  That's the pink thing. [repeat until the bottle is empty]

Rosé is just a color.  And these wines go by other names like Pink, Rosado, Vin Gris, Rosato, Kretzer, and Weissherbst to name a few.  Well-made pink wines are based on a red skinned grape(s).  They have all the best qualities of a white wine with some of the qualities of a red wine.  By letting the red grape skins soak in the wine for a short period, the wine takes on a pink color. If the same wine were to have the skins left in longer, the wine would become fully red.  Most rosé wines are fermented dry or nearly dry making them easy to drink, very food friendly, and a great compromise between red and white wines, especially in warm weather.  However, we preach year round pink drinking. 

You can read more of our thoughts on pink wine in an article in Fifteen-501 magazine.  Scroll to the bottom of the page when you get there.

Now seeking disciples... -Salamanzar


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